1 Minute Meditation, 30 Day Challenge

Steve Agyei

Are you one of those people that say they can’t meditate?

I was the same

“Like most people, the first time I tried to meditate, with the hope of quieting my mind, clearing my thoughts and feeling calm. What actually happened when I tried to sit still, close my eyes and calm my mind, led to the complete opposite my mind when left to its own devices it actually started having loads of thoughts, which began buzzing around my head like a swarm of bees and I actually become more stressed and thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t clear my mind and meditate?”

I am guessing you probably had a similar experience, because most people do?

I have created the 1 Minute Meditation, 30 Day Challenge, because for the last ten years so many people have told me that they can’t or don’t know how to meditate?

So with my 1 Minute Meditation, 30 Day Challenge I will explain and simplify the meditation process for you and break down some of the misconceptions you may have about meditation?

Plus I believe everyone can find one minute out of their day to focus on themselves. No one is too busy to find sixty seconds out of twenty four hours to spend on their wellbeing.

I will show you how to meditate for a little bit everyday, starting with one minute and overtime you can build it up a little more each day. Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and depression and increase your energy, peace, and well-being and there has been plenty of scientific research done to back this up

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